The Stirling Techno-Rally is a game which competes for the idea and the speed of the vehicles which carried their original working Stirling engines. This convention aims at evocation of the interest and concern about youth's engineering, promotion of industrial technology, and development and improvement of a Stirling engine and its related technology. 

1. Name of Convention :10th Stirling Techno-Rally

2. Date :November 18, 2006
      Record Meeting  :10:00 - 15:00
      Meeting Place  :Nippon Institute of Technology
                                      4-1, Gakuendai, Miyashiromachi, Minami-Saitama-gun, Saitama, 345-8501,Japan

3. Participating Qualification :B (Below high school student) and A (General)

4. Size Class :

      * Normal-size class (N class)  Oval course. About 50meters run
          The car length is  less than 600mm, and the width is less than 280mm. It is required to carry the heat source in the car.
    * Mini-size acrobatic duration class (M class)  Oval course with 0.85m loop. About 9meters run
          The  car width is  less than 105mm.

   * Remote controlled class (RC class)  Pylon race using remote controlled car. About  50meters run.

    * Manned car class (L class)  10 minnutes run in the oval course..
        Especially size regulation of the Manned class is not defined. It is the size it can run safely.

5 .Time Limit for Applying :September 11, 2006

6 .Sponsor :Stirling Techno Rally Committee, Japanese Society for Engineering Education, National Association of Principals of Technical High school 

7. Cosponsorship :  Machine Industry Educational Study Group in Kanto Koshin-etsu Area 

8. Support  :Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (under Request), Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun LTD, Study group of Life Technology Education in Junior High School  , Japan Automobile Education  Foundation, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Japan Society for Pecision Engineering, The Japan Society for Design Engineering, Japan Solar Energy Society, Energy-Saving Car Study Group

9. Prize : Speed Prize , Idea Prize, Heat source Prize, Encouragement Prize 

10 .Participating Expense  :(Registration Commission) 1000 yen is required to participation of each car.