5th Stirling Techno-Rally Result

Date: November 9, 2001      Place: Haneda Technical High School

Prize Time Car  No. Teem
Speed Prize
L: Manned car class       Straight 50meters run
1st 234 @


LA03 Nakanihon Automotive College
2nd 249 @


LB02 Goko High school
3rd 308 LB01 Kobe Technical High School
NA: General Participating Normal-size class    J type course 50meters run
1st 219 NA20 Nakanihon Automotive College
2nd 241 NA22 Ryukoku University
3rd 257 NA11 Ryukoku University
‚mB:  Bellow High school Normal-size class    J type course 50meters run
1st 140 NB40 Hamamatsu Johoku Technical High School
2nd 162 NB41 Hamamatsu Johoku Technical High School
3rd 185 NB32 Ohmori Technical High School
MA:  General Participating Mini-size class       Oval@9meters run
1st 26 MA04 Tsuchiura Technical High School
2nd 39 MA05 Shonan Institute of Technology
MB:  Bellow High school Mini-size class     Oval@9meters run
1st 19 MB32 Mukojima Technical High School
2nd 20 MB Kuramae Technical High School
3rd 21 MB18 Okayama Technical High School

Some data are missed in the following tables. 

Idea Prize
class-‚` : General Participating
Gold @ NA25 Faculty of Education, Utsunomiya University
Silver @
Copper @
class-B: Bellow High school
Gold @ NB28 Tsuchiura Technical High School
Silver @
Copper @
Encouragement Prize
@ NB10`15 Matsuida-nishi Junior High School